5 detox tips to recover from the end of the year celebrations

Christmas, hearty family meals, holidays, New Year’s Eve, chocolates … We do not really care during the holidays! And we tend to eat in larger quantities without really pausing, which does not necessarily please our body, which makes us pay well with a dull complexion, pimples, and hair in a dirty state! As you know, the best products in the world will do nothing: our body needs to be taken care of!

Stock up on fruits and vegetables

It can not be repeated enough, but eating fruits and vegetables helps cleanse our body. One can get a cure by supplementing with whole grain cereals and lean meats like chicken, or fish. Bet on the simple, without too much fat and sauces! And to give taste, think of spices …

Rest your body

You have been solicited during the holiday season … And that’s normal because we want to enjoy his family, cousins ​​and friends that we do not see often! Ditto for New Year’s Eve, which is often associated with alcohol consumption. Casually, it depletes our body. So for a fortnight, go to bed a little earlier than usual, take a little time for yourself, it’s important!

Do you activate at least 10 minutes a day

For some, 10 minutes is nothing, and it’s quite easy to do, between trips to go to work or to accompany children to school, but for others it’s more complicated to organize . Allow a dozen minutes a day to do some simple exercises, or just go for a walk in town, make a small round trip to a nearby point, and it’s already good!

Pamper your skin

Your skin also needs to recharge! While we did not necessarily take the time to deal with it during the holidays, she will need all your attention: masks, scrubs, special care, in short … Offer her what she needs, it that is to say, a good boost to attack the new year!

Allow yourself a fasting day

In between meals, take a break: eat very little or not at all if you smell it. The goal is to listen to his body. If you feel indigestion is near, you do not have to eat a full meal, just a broth and fruit can be enough! After all you have stored a lot of calories, so let your body assimilate quietly, without adding.

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