Alcohol health effects

The adverse health effects are well-known, but when enjoyed responsibly, alcohol can still enjoy a healthy place in the social world. Many people are now turning to
healthy alcohol mixers such as Vling in order to enjoy alcohol in the healthiest way possible. The rule goes that if you’re going to drink, you might as well do it as healthily as possible. Thanks to a new stream of alternate drink companies, this is now a real possibility.

These new beverages are billed as sophisticated alternatives to calorie-heavy, sugar-heavy beer and wine cooler beverages that are associated with dehydration and hangovers that make life miserable the morning after a night with friends. Mixers bring a healthy slant to drinking with friends. It’s still wise to drink responsibly and not over-do it, but with hydration drinks, you get enough alcohol to be sociable while staying hydrated and getting vital nutrients that alcohol often depletes over the course of a night of drinking.

What these drinks are is as important as what they are not. They are not entirely healthy and the health effects of alcohol are still going to pose a problem if someone drinks heavily. For those that do drink once in awhile or drink regularly but very little at a time, these drinks allow them to feel better while drinking and skip some of the more troublesome side effects of a night out on the town with friends.

Alcohol will always occupy an important place in social functions. People enjoy unwinding and having a few drinks with friends on a weekend. Health-conscious people still enjoy the occasional night on the town where they let go and have a good time without going overboard. Healthy mixers give people the path of least harm during these outings. Even if you’re going to drink something as unhealthy as alcohol, you can still make sure that your body receives the healthy ingredients it needs to feel good during your outing. The end result is a fun night with friends and a body that thanks you for not entirely dismissing its needs during the night.

Thanks to these healthy mixers, people are now able to remain conscious of health while still having a responsible amount of drinks during a social get-together. It’s the best of both worlds for a population that is increasingly trying to find ways to splurge once in awhile without destroying their health.


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