Top 10 anti-cellulite foods

These ripples located on the buttocks, thighs and sometimes even the belly or arms are the obsession of all women. Large, small, lean or fat, almost all women are affected by cellulite, the fat that lodges under the skin. Hard to get rid of its orange peel and yet, what is on your plate can help you get rid of it. A quick overview of these foods that will become the best enemies of these dimples that spoil the fun at the onset of the beautiful days. Objective zero complex in swimsuit this summer!

1.The pineapple

Pineapple is one of the most effective foods to fight against cellulite. It contains an enzyme “burn fat”, bromelain which allows to evacuate the fat cells. But be careful, do not overdo it because it is a fruit, it contains sugar. Be sure to limit yourself to two servings a day. As for pineapple juice, avoid it!

2.Brewer’s yeast

It is found in most supermarkets and is easy to use: the brewer’s yeast is rich in potassium and activates lymphatic drainage. Sprinkled on a salad that she decorates with originality, yeast is also excellent for your nails and hair. So, why deprive yourself ?

3.Green tea

This is probably the most famous drink to eliminate unsightly wavelets. Indeed, its diuretic virtues due to the tannin it contains can eliminate water. An essential property to get rid of cellulite which is very often related to fluid retention and poor veno-lymphatic circulation. Tea time, a ritual to be introduced every day.

4.The cabbage kale

Kale, is a cruciferous also called kale. It is a low calorie vegetable (50 calories per 100g) but high in fiber. It contains calcium, potassium and vitamin K but also antioxidants such as vitamin C, as well as a large amount of flavonoids: all that is needed to remove cellulite. To be consumed cooked or raw; who believed it: this vegetable is one of your best anti-orange peel allies

5. The Coffee

To say goodbye to cellulite and orange peel, think about coffee. Contrary to what one might believe, it is not the drink itself that interests us but what makes it possible. Recovered in the coffee filter after its infusion, the coffee grounds have amazing virtues. Once dried, mix it with sweet almond oil or argan then use it to make a scrub on the areas to be treated. Caffeine will help to destock fat cells and slow down the production of fat cells … What else?

6. The Lemon

Drinking lemon juice in the morning is a habit that more and more people take. This citrus has indeed, many benefits as appease the feeling of hunger and limit nibbling. But its other asset is its draining and detox action that helps prevent water retention.

7.The Parsley

Parsley is an aromatic herb well known to cooks that brings flavor to many dishes. What few people know is that it helps to prevent the storage of fat through its diuretic and detoxifying action. So do not hesitate to put in quantity in your tabbouleh and other mixed salads.

8. The Birch juice

Still too little known, this drink made from a decoction of birch leaf of a pale green color has multiple benefits. This drink which comes to us from the countries of the north of Europe is to take in the form of cure. Rich in vitamin C and magnesium, it helps to regulate mood and has both detox, diuretic and depurative properties that come to the rescue of our silhouette.

9. The red fruits

Red fruits like raspberry or strawberry have a real antioxidant power. They have an anti-cellulite action and help to avoid unsightly cellulite. Good news, you can enjoy it outside of the summer since they keep their properties even frozen. To you the verrines, the coulis and the fruit salads!

10. The onion

We can not count the benefits of onions because they are so numerous. This vegetable known for crying when peeled could yet give you a smile by removing your cellulite. Known to regulate the absorption of sugar and eliminate fats and toxins, it helps purify the body by eliminating water. Consume it cooked preferably, it will be more digestible and its flavonoid content will increase and thus allow a higher concentration of antioxidants.