What makes it possible to have motivation to train?

What makes it possible to have motivation to train?

Alas! Summer and holidays are slowly coming to an end and it will soon be back to school. This period is generally difficult on the sporting level, because often you have combined at the same time a stopping of the training more or less long, with a not always very healthy food: ice cream, waffles, scrunchies (caramelized peanuts), aperitif, etc.

With a scale that announces a few kilograms more fat, morale often takes a hit, but this is not the time to let go!

In this article, I’m going to introduce you to all the things that have allowed me at one time or another to have the motivation to go to workout.

You’ll see, these are simple things, but have been very effective with me: it’s been 15 years that I train continuously, put in by a week of full recovery from time to time.

Of course I also stopped longer, 2 to 3 weeks for the holidays, and it was then that it was the hardest to get back in the bath! Go! Truce gossip, here are my tips to find / keep motivation in bodybuilding.

1. Have realistic goals

Why do you want to train? This is an important question that needs to be asked and answered.

Because you have to lose weight? Because you have to take muscle? NO ! The correct answer is because you want to lose weight! Because you want to get muscle or because you want to be healthier.

One of the secrets of success is transforming obligation into conviction or constraint into will.

Speaking of a “realistic” goal, there is a common mistake that many people commit: it is to want to look like someone else.

This should not be your goal! We are as we are and we must learn to accept ourselves. A healthier and more realistic approach would simply be to “become the best version of oneself”.

A little parenthesis, it is often said that a certain fitness star or bodybuilder has an exceptional, massive and dry physique thanks to its genetics … bullshit!

They have muscular physique and skinned with steroids and other doping products they take.

And then there is also the magic of Photoshop, filters and other special effects … So really, do not try to be like them if you care about your health.

Short. On these beautiful words, think carefully about your goal or goals that will motivate you to train despite the many temptations not to go to the room.

2. Have a workout program

It is obvious and yet how many times I came across people who were training without a program, “the way I like you”.

Not only must you have a bodybuilding program , but you must change or evolve regularly.

The first reason for this is that it can quickly become boring to do exactly the same things week after week.

There are so many different methods of bodybuilding ( callisthenics , kettlebell , plyometrics , body building straps …), it would be a shame to deprive yourself!

The second reason is that the variety brings new stimulus to work your muscles differently, to solicit other fibers, from other angles, etc. which is essential for a complete and harmonious development of all the muscles of the body.

In any case, it is necessary not to stay on the same session plans.

The set of training parameters (exercises, repetitions, series, etc.) must change from time to time to force each muscle fiber to develop.

3. Get motivated with bodybuilding videos

Before going to train, there is one thing that makes me want to lift weights like never before! These are the famous videos of “bodybuilding motivation”. As explained in this article on the importance of psychological preparation in bodybuilding , the rage to succeed is crucial to pushing one’s own limits.

Personally, seeing motivated people motivates me!

Before doing a series of exercises, I usually empty my head, close my eyes for a few seconds and concentrate mentally on a motivating scene. I remain still, calm. I breathe deeply and at once, I let a fury take me to lift my charges.

To give you an idea of ​​what I’m talking about, here is an example of CT Fletcher and Terry Crews video.

I find that the scene around the 10th minute of the video is terribly motivating. “Everything you have! Everything! Right here! Right now! Well, do not look at the technique of execution …

4. Have a good playlist

Listening to a good playlist is one of the most effective things to motivate yourself and have a great session.

Not only does music obscure the background noise of the room, but it also allows you to put yourself in a kind of concentration bubble.

Sound level, I am very eclectic. I can very well listen to traditional music, old hits, electro, pop, whatever.

What is important is that the sound can transport me a few seconds “elsewhere”, like a kind of trance. Often I focus on events or sad things. This gives me rage and often allows me to push my heaviest loads.

I channel myself also on more joyous things, but it is often at the beginning of the training to put myself in the session. At that time I often listen to electro music that makes you want to move.

As for many things, it will vary. Finally, personally, I found that listening to the same sounds all the time was getting boring, and it no longer fulfills its role as a booster.

Speaking of booster, pre-workout can be interesting to increase your energy level, and at the same time your motivation.

To come back to the sound, I’m very fond of Beats by Dr. Dre products. I personally use the Beats Powerbeats 3 Wireless In-Ear Wireless :

The sound is very good, the battery is more than enough for a good week of training. After, if you enjoy listening to high quality sound, Beats by Dr. Dre Beats Studio 3 is a real gem. But you have to have the budget …

5. Train in a beautiful gym

This is something to consider! Training in a dirty place with obsolete equipment and machinery is not ideal for nurturing the small flame of motivation. Fortunately, nowadays, we can find beautiful new weight rooms and at very attractive prices. For less than 30 euros per month, it is often possible to have access to a very complete gym, with many cardio machines , etc.

Gold’s Gym Venice: a gym that makes you want to work out!
The only disadvantage with these rooms to subscriptions so inexpensive is that they do not have coaches to follow you during your sessions.

Of course there is a lot of information on the internet to learn how to train: tips for getting started, training programs, and complete guides to get started with bodybuilding , but nothing can replace the wise eye. a professional to improve your technique and avoid doing things wrong.

In this respect, I strongly advise you if you are beginner to make you follow by a professional, a true, and not to follow the advice of “Gégé” the doped bodybuilder apprentice of the room.

Why is it so important?

  1. First, it will limit the risk of hurting you. And there is nothing worse than an injury to lose motivation.
  2. Secondly, training with the right moves and good techniques will allow you to progress much faster, and therefore maintain your motivation.

How to be followed by a sports coach?

There are several solutions. Even if it is increasingly rare, some sports halls still offer personalized monitoring by one of their sports coaches. This is the kind of information you need to ask before registering if you start. Suppose that your room does not have a coach, you can always call a private coach (it hurts the wallet).

If, however, you do not have hundreds of euros to spend in private coaching, there are two other very interesting solutions:

  1. Weightlifting clubs where you can learn more techniques and advanced movements (less than 200 euros per year)
  2. The box CrossFit , which offers every day many workouts supervised by one or more professionals (about 100 euros per month).

That said! If you already have some experience in bodybuilding and you no longer need to be followed by someone. A clean, well equipped and well attended room will do the trick!

Example of a weight room where you do not want to train at all.
One last word about gyms. If you have the means, it can be very interesting to train in two different rooms.

Indeed, it is impossible for two fitness clubs to contain all existing weight machines and it can be very advantageous to have access to a larger number of devices. Seeing other people and another environment also helps break the routine and therefore maintain a high level of motivation.

6. Have a good workout partner

Having a workout partner can be enormously motivating. But be careful, it must be a serious person and not a person who will spend time distracting you, talking with the people in the room, mop right, left, etc. In this case, it is better to train alone .

On the other hand, if you find someone serious and motivated like you, it will be very beneficial!

Firstly, without realizing it, there is always a certain competition that sets in, and it will stimulate all the more the desire to progress.

The safety factor is also very important, and having a good training partner will make it easier to use some intensification techniques .

The brother, the colleague, the friend or any other person sharing your training will also be there to make you want to go to your session when sometimes you do not have a great motivation. It happens to not have the morale, and at that moment, a good partner will always find the right words to motivate you!

Last but not least. Practicing with someone else can reveal other ways to train. We quickly get locked into a routine when we train alone, and sharing the training of another person is often (unfortunately not always) rewarding.

7. Be well equipped

Having a quality sports outfit is one of those little things that can motivate you to work out. The base is to have shorts or tracksuits, and a tank top or tee-shirt that wicks sweat away.

A pair of shoes adapted

Very important then (for me it is important): a good pair of shoes, especially for training legs with squats, slots, etc.

The one I particularly like is the Nike Metcon . These shoes are at the same time resistant, flexible, stable and light. It is a real asset for working the lower body and for any other intensive training that requires good support.

A good pair of gloves

There is another accessory that we do not necessarily think about, but that is very practical, these are the bodybuilding gloves.
  1. Already they will allow you to protect your hands and prevent them from having calli, blisters or horn.
  2. The other advantage is that they improve grip , which is very useful when lifting heavy loads or pulling . There is nothing worse than having to stop a series of exercises because the bar, the dumbbell or the hold slips your hands …
  3. A good pair of gloves will also be beneficial to prevent certain injuries caused precisely by the bar that slides under your hands …

At the level of models, I advise you a pair of gloves with a prolonged wrist strap that will also allow you to support your wrists.

The final word

You now have all the cards in hand to do epic workouts and achieve your goals! Never give up your efforts because they will pay a day!