/Why avoid mass gain

Why avoid mass gain

Why avoid mass gain

Let’s face it, many of you are confused with mass gain and muscle gain. No need to use or invent heaps of expression that do not mean anything like dry mass gain or clean mass gain, etc.

With the term “mass gain”, bodybuilding practitioners are the only ones to use the French language well and not to confuse “mass” and “weight”.

Weight being the force exerted on a body due to gravity. It is expressed in newton.

The mass, it is directly related to the amount of matter that contains a body. It is expressed in kilograms.

What is mass gain? It is simply the fact of taking extra kilograms without distinguishing fat intake or muscle gain.

Unfortunately, since fat is easier to take than muscle, when you gain weight, you take more fat than muscle. Until then you follow me?

For people who want to get muscle, use the term “muscle gain” simply. The term mass gain should be reserved for people with anorexia or ectomorphs for example, who need to gain mass, whatever it is.

Basically, mass gaining in bodybuilding consists in stuffing oneself like a goose to raise the numbers of the balance.

Muscle uptake is a more thoughtful step that consists of studying and adjusting your dietary needs according to different parameters (training, rest, basic metabolism, genetics, etc.) in order to take maximum muscle and a minimum of fat.

Problems related to mass gain

As we have just seen together, if you eat in large quantities and in an unthinking way (mass gain), you will quickly take fat and this will be the starting point for many problems that will be difficult to solve ( naturally).

Skin problems

We start with a simple problem to understand. You are a beginner and you dream of having an athlete’s body for next summer. You’ve read the latest 4000 kcal mass-pickup program from the latest Flex magazine and you decide to go head to head to achieve your goal: a body of Apollo in a few weeks.

What’s going to happen ? A little muscle gain, a bigger intake of fat (great you can finally fill the sleeves of your T-shirt) but that’s not all. You will most likely have stretch marks all over your body.

What are stretch marks? These are purplish-red scars, caused by tearing of the skin following a large mass gain. Nothing serious, but if you are looking for an aesthetic body, these stretch marks can blot … This problem is very rare with a real muscle gain, because it is a longer company that will leave time to your skin. adapt.

Another problem, although rare, but not negligible, is the creation of an additional skin surface that will be excess skin at the time of drying.

If you make a very important weight gain (from 10 kilos), you risk after a slimming diet to have flabby skin, a distended skin forming a kind of skin flakes. Once acquired, this skin and more remains, and everything depends on the quantity but if you want to get rid of a large amount, it will go through the surgery box.

Hormonal problems


To understand this part, you will have to read beforehand this article on leptin . After understanding this article, you will realize that fat gain caused by mass gain disrupts the mechanisms of regulation of the appetite.

In fact, the more you increase your body fat, the more your brain considers that you need to eat more and more.

So this is the beginning of a vicious circle, because if at first you forced yourself to eat to gain mass (while you were not hungry), your brain will eventually ask you the same thing: to eat more and more while he does not necessarily need these caloric contributions.

When we know that leptin is linked to dopamine (brain reward hormone), it becomes very difficult to consider eating less.

It’s like asking someone addicted to drugs to wean themselves off.

To illustrate all this, I advise you if you have not yet seen the movie Super Size Me in which an average American decides to eat a huge amount of food (and only mac do) for 1 month. While at the beginning of the film, he really struggles to finish his meal, he becomes in the end addicted to food and feels the need to eat more and more. .

To avoid falling into a food addiction, do not gain weight and focus on muscle gain.


Adipocytes or fat cells contain an enzyme called aromatase, which converts testosterone to estrogen.

The more fat you have, the higher your estrogen levels and low testosterone levels.

And that says less testosterone, says less muscle mass, and more fat: it’s the beginning of a vicious circle that can have serious consequences on the hormonal system , with fatigue, enlargement of the prostate, fertility problems, gynecomastia, etc.

Adiposity problems

Adiposity 1 is the excessive development of the fatty tissue.

Adipocytes (aka fat cells) can store a limited amount of triglycerides. This is called fat hypertrophy . You will find a beautiful fat cell pattern in this article .

Once the fat cells have reached their size limits, the body needs to make other fat cells. This phenomenon of creation is called hyperplasia .

This is what happens during a weight gain: the body has so much excess fat that it is forced to make other fat cells. This is a huge problem.

In fact, the more fat cells you have, the easier it will be for your body to keep fat in the future. And unfortunately once you’ve made these extra fat cells, there’s no turning back.

As a result, your future food gaps will not be the same, because your body will be much more prepared to store the least gram of lipid.


Do not try to imitate bodybuilders in their programs because most use doping products to transform the maximum calories ingested muscle and not fat.

If you wish to obtain an athlete’s body, you will have to arm yourself with patience, will and perseverance. All those who promise you pounds of muscle in a few weeks are liars (or ignorant), sellers of dreams or scammers who take advantage of your naivety to get rich.